Fire smoke

  • Fire and smoke doors have a partition function and combine the functionality and aesthetic of an automatic door with the properties of isolation and integrity against fire. Can be used in areas where is needed: Smoke extraction, Emergency and rescue routes, Hermetic doors, Sound-proof doors, Radiation-proof doors, Minergie doors, Barrier-free construction


  • Rescue and escape routes with break-out function (mechanical emergency opening system which allows the leaves to be swung out of the way so as to give unimpeded access/entry). Windbreak function: electro-mechanical locking of the break-out door leaves. Drive located in the floor or the ceiling of the room under the door. Night closure: available with locks; the cleverly designed internal guidance system prevents dirt build-up and is weather-resistant. Integral air curtain – able to prevent minor drafts. Access Control: access can be refused to unauthorized persons as persons enter singly


  • Automatic sliding door systems provide extensive convenience and flexibility for effortless access without contact with the door. Air-lock function: two coordinated door systems control access. Access control: controlled by a key, badge, video monitoring and biometric data. Hold-up closure: on pressing a button the door closes immediately and without reversal. Building automation: incorporation into existing systems


  • Automatic swing doors are very practical: they close securely and are easily installed. Existing manual doors can be rapidly automated without complication. Swing doors increase convenience and provide barrier-free access for the disabled. Push & Go: brief pressure from the hand is sufficient to make the door leaf open automatically. Door closing function: simple manual operation is possible during a power failure. Air-lock and porch function: two coordinated doors control access or prevent the exchange of air between the interior and the exterior. Access control: access to the building is monitored by a key, badge, video or biometric data.