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Nowadays, we must satisfy requirements that go well beyond simply closing an opening; this is especially the case for commercial and industrial applications. So for example, alongside fire safety requirements and safety aspects, heat and sound insulation must be considered when the doors are used. Thanks to our innovative product development, Teckentrup has specialised in these requirements and offers a technically advanced range of doors.

Fire protection doors from Teckentrup

Fire-protection doors
Depending on the risk of fire and the thermal load, Teckentrup fire protection doors have got all the requirements covered. The wide range covers the resistance classes Fire-resistant (T30), Highly flame resistant (T60), Fire-proof (T90).

Smoke proof doors from Teckentrup

Smoke proof doors
Smoke protection is just as important as fire protection. Teckentrup smoke proof doors are tested in accordance with DIN 18095, have special sealing systems and door closers enable them to close by themselves.


Burglar resistant doors from Teckentrup

Burglar resistant doors
Teckentrup security doors protect both people and property. From the cellar security door to prison cell doors, the burglar resistant doors conform to all resistance classes up to WK 4.

Sound insulated doors from Teckentrup

Sound insulated doors
If you’re looking for protection from sound, you’ll find that our sound insulated doors provide perfect protection up to 57 dB. The doors correspond to the required insulation standards and are tested in accordance with DIN EN 20140/717-1.



Heat insulated doors from Teckentrup

Heat insulated doors
Reducing energy loss – this is an important aspect of the double-skinned, heat insulated multi purpose doors from Teckentrup. The heat transfer coefficient (UD) plays an important part here.

Internal doors from Teckentrup

Internal doors
In buildings there are always doors that have to be able to cope with particular strains but that also need to match the interior design. Here, Teckentrup provides internal doors that are robust and that harmonically blend into the environment.

Bullet-Proof door from Teckentrup

Bullet-Proof door
The Bullet-Proof steel door prevents bullets from travelling through the door. The areas in which the door is used include security rooms in airports and train stations, police stations, banks, courthouses and private properties that have high security requirements.