Wooden Doors


Our inspiring collection of finishes

From PortaLit, GetaLit and DekoRit to WestaLack and WestaLife: These are the expressive names of our first-class finishes, which come in a range of exciting designs. PVC-foil surface or decor foil, trend lacquering or rustic real wood veneer: Which will you choose?

CPL finish

Either in perfect wood reproduction or a brilliant single-colour decor: Interior doors with this special CPL finish are extremely wear-resistant.



Our lacquers, which are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and applied in several coats, perfectly combine elegance with reliable resistance.


Decor foils

Interior doors with these easy-care finishes, available in many trend-setting decors, are the ideal entry-level solution for all lifestyles.


Real wood veneer

When purchasing a quality door made of real wood veneer, you are acquiring a truly unique piece that is not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly.


foil surface finish

This extremely resistant finish is created by pressing several high-quality materials together under extremely high pressure.


How do the different finishes compare? Comparing our finishes

Each type of finish offers its own benefits. We have summarised each of these for you in the following table. This invaluable information will help you to choose the most suitable product for your needs.

  PortaLit® WestaLack® DekoRit® WestaLife® GetaLit®
Tolerance of household chemicals: When cleaning the door, you can simply use conventional household cleaners. + + + + +
Temperature resistance: The surface finish can cope with (very) hot temperatures as well as (particularly) cool ones. + + + + +
Stain resistance: Small stains caused by dust or dirt do not leave any lasting damage. + + + + +
Abrasion resistance: There is very little surface wear, even under high mechanical stress. + + + + +
Light-fastness: Even when exposed to light for long periods of time, the original effect and beauty of the colour are retained. + + +   +
Impact resistance: As impacts hardly affect the surface finish, it is ideal for use in commercial properties and easy-access living rooms. +       +
Scratch resistance: Whether the cause is cavorting children, playful pets or simply an everyday accident, the surface finish can easily cope with scratches. +       +
Steam resistance: Any steam that is generated in kitchens or bathrooms does not affect the finish in any way. +       +

To summarise, all Westag & Getalit door and door frame finishes are easy-care and easy-clean. Thanks to their robust properties, they need no special treatment. In the event of any soiling, please note the following information: