ENTRANSA established as a private company specializing in all types of doors, door automatics, door hardware and professional services. Our specialists has many year experience in this industry therefore can offer unique security solutions for small and big businesses such as health care, commercial, education, hospitality, offices and industrial buildings.

Our company provides high quality, competitive and innovative products produced by the best manufacturers in the world.

Main office location

  • UAB Entransa, Ukmergės g. 369A P.D.56, LT12142 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • +370 (687) 279 99
  • inbox@entransa.lt
  • Reg. No.: 303302028 VAT: LT100008564015


  • Kuršių g. 7-308,
    Kaunas, LT-48109
  • +370 (624) 452 99
  • inbox@entransa.lt