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  • The gate shell consists of fireproof panels. Fire resistance 30min or 60min. Each panel is made up of a shaped PVC profile, with two internal wooden slats tightly coated by a fire-resistant insulation material. the gate panels are wound on the shaft and mounted between the guides, which typically are not covered by any housing


  • Fire sectional door is both fire door and fully functional industrial door. Therefore, there is no need to separate the fire protection function of the opening and its daily closure by using two distinct doors. This solution saves space, reduces costs and ensures full safety. Another advantage is the possible use of an access door. The door consists of interconnected horizontal slats. The outer surface of the door is covered with galvanized sheet steel, glued to the entire door surface, making the door panel look sleek and smooth.The door is equipped with an electric motor with a control unit; allowing operation of the door in a normal mode and at the same time guarantees the automatic closing of the door in case of fire alarm. In the standard version the door is controlled by up-stop-down buttons on the control unit. At customer’s request, doors may be equipped with a finger trap protection placed on the lower edge of the door. Doors can be painted in any RAL color or made of stainless (acid-resistant) steel.


  • The shell of the gate is made of galvanized steel sheet and coated in RAL colors. The gate wings are made of vertical panels. Each panel of the gate wing is made of modified fire-resistant mineral wool of Class A1. Internally reinforced by steel bars. Running rail of the gate is made of galvanized steel sheet; its cover is made of coated sheet, having the color of the door wing. Additionally, reinforced gate profile. Gate installed in the vertical section of the door wing. Stable guiding of the counterweight guarantees smooth operation of the gate.